To break physical and mental conditions

17436700-depressionChronic conditions can be both physical and psychological in their nature. Often, these statuses are intimately connected with each other and originates from the same source. I have met many clients over the years and by careful observations and personal experience, I have come to the conclusion that many modern illnesses and conditions are caused by society’s false claims that the individual should fit into a given system. This despite the fact that the human soul and the needs and well-being of the individual depends on something else than being a slave to given rules that no one longer recognizes or are comfortable with.

Fibromyalgia is one such condition and one of the reasons why the costs of Social Insurance and costs of sick-listing has soared in recent years. A pain that no one can really explain except that it is probably stress related, enforced by society ”reckless whims” as I wrote in a poem a few years ago.

It is a system failure that the Employment Service is involved in the rehabilitation process that is aiming to bring back the individual to the labor market and that for the simple reason that the Employment Service and its regulations are the main reason why the individual may find it difficult to break the painful condition.

I have a symbolism of this in my book Free Man where the ”organization”, represented by the character Howard, forces the main character Karl Josefsson to horrible deeds to try to prove their authoritarianism, In the life of a person trying to rehabilitate, this authoritarianism is represented by the Employment Service regulations and administrators who act upon them. When an individual can no longer find the way out of the mental chronic state the authority created, there is a risk that he or she reaches the same end as Josef K. in Franz Kafka’s Process and becomes a victim of society. A tragedy for both the individual and the society.

Conditions of pain is usually, incorrectly, treated by pain medication so that the patient as quickly as possible can return to the regular labor market. There is a similar disruptive system in elite sports where practitioners, especially in sports where the stakes are high, plays half injured, trying to participate under all circumstances. In short term it works, but in long term it is devastating for the individual, who have in front of them an old age with disablement. I conducted a study some years ago; It seems that elite sport totalizations theory, as I and my colleague Korhonen used, has rubbed off on today’s labor market and society. The demands on the individual, to participate and contribute in all circumstances, causes stress related diseases that are difficult for the medical science to identify and put in relation to the more well-known diseases.
The regulations of the Social Insurance Agency and the Employment Service are equivalent to the totalization theory in sports, when they force the individual back to the labor market in the short term. An action that can have devastating long term consequences, in form of pain, depression and death.

So, it´s about trying to break the chronic physical conditions through activities which appeal to mental well-being. This can be done with various investigative efforts but also through ice-breaking question formulations that forces the individual out of the frozen mental state which brought out the destructive process in the first place, enforced by The Social Insurance Agency and the Employment Service.

It´s all about getting the individual to understand that she, and not the regulations forced upon her by authorities, is in control of her own life. True Freedom. The individual must also be met at her own level to avoid what I call “Over Coaching”. If we can achieve this, the constructive process starts, the individual recover and the human capital will be released.
This is how we work at Liiv.

Niklas Liiv February the 17th 2017