I have not asked for this…

4uojmedcwi8-tim-bogdanov-1”I have not asked for this” – A phrase I have often heard in meetings with people coming from the Employment Service. I myself have never asked for this either – to be a visionary. A person often misunderstood by those around me, and most of the times two steps ahead in thought than everyone else. My thoughts are never in the present, but more often in the future and what should be done to achieve better things, great things related to development of humanity and society. I read books that ordinary people would never think of reading and to others I might seem distracted and brooding. Again, the snow is falling outside my window and for the first time I have put an epithet on myself. Visionary.

My former employers have had difficulties finding the right position for me because they have not had the capacity to make use of my strengths. It is a pity for them, because my ability has been greater than their capacity. It may sound cocky but still it is as true as when the late professor Hans Rosling in an interview with a reporter on Danish television said ”I’m right, you’re wrong”. Me working as coach and my choice to always remain in the producing business has to do with my own brother. Every time a new participant has been directed to the business I’ve worked in, I’ve seen my brother’s lines in his features. I guess this can happen when you, as I have, lived all your life in a strong codependency. But it is precisely this experience that should be seized and lifted to a higher level than to the individual. For my sake, for each and every individual and for the sake of the world …

Before the Swedish Conservatives expressed the thought, I wrote about that the Employment Service has to be deregulated, pointed to the reasons why this should be done and will now highlight how one should proceed to release the individual’s power and perform better. The system and the brand of the Employment Service remain the two biggest reasons to why they succeed so badly. When the economic climate changes and labor market gets its temporary rise, it’s not thanks to the Employment Service because the weakest target groups, their main focus, remains on the platform even after the last train has gone.

 Proponents of the authority can try to defend them with tooth and nail, but it is nevertheless the truth that the Employment service must be deregulated. They have had so many chances and failed to many times to once again be trusted with the task to guide a person to a new job and a better life. It is simply enough. Those who defend the authority do so because there is a great fear of such a deregulation, but at the same time, I am convinced that when the day comes and deregulation takes place, for it will come, a large weight will fall from many people’s shoulders.

Freedom, in a sense that I have tried to point out by sharing on my Facebook lately, will in many ways help the individual to find their own solution. Life has no manual or tutorial to what exactly will happen when a major change is on the way. Digitization, man’s ability to search for information, education via the web and detaching oneself from the society’s current regulatory framework is unstoppable. That is why also the deregulation of the Employment Service is unstoppable. Internewgration will continue and that can neither authorities nor politicians do anything about. It is as true as the fact that Steve Jobs once lived and died, and that Mark Zuckerberg has a vision to try to eradicate all disease. To find out more about my thoughts, thinking and answers and the term internewgration, read my book. You will find it through this link. I am sorry, but for now it is just available in Swedish, http://www.litenupplaga.se/1637.

Niklas Liiv February 9, 2017