To make a mark in the universe

To make a mark in the universe is a phrase used in the movie Jobs, shortly after Steve Jobs once again has taken control of Apple Computer and bought out the board members that could have been a threat to Jobs’ vision to make Apple cool again. Apple Computer was formed in Steve Jobs’ garage with his friend Steve Wozniak and their common thought was to make something of their own, something cool. Over time the ambition grew and became the great vision that the Internet companies yet struggle with today; to let technology become an extension of the common man in the same way that the guitar was an extension of Jimi Hendrix. The extensions in Apple Computer’s product catalog should above all be considered to be the iPhone and the iPad. With a few simple pressures of the fingers we have in reach what the world has to offer. In 2012, a year after Steve Jobs passed away, Apple Computer was the world’s most highly valued company.

Mark Zuckerberg made his mark in the universe by forming the social network Facebook. Along with some friends from Harvard University he brought people closer together by creating a digital platform for each person’s social identity. In 2013, Facebook had more than 1.1 billion active users and the­­­­­­ market value of the company amounted to 150 billion dollars in 2014. Mark Zuckerberg’s personal wealth was 33.5 billion dollars before he came out with the information that he would give away his personal fortune to charity.

Ingvar Kamprad made his mark in the universe by forming the furniture company IKEA, which had cost efficiency as its watchword throughout the organization. Ingvar Kamprad has all his life had a conviction that any long-term investments should be made as far from the stock exchange as possible because shareholders always want to have as high a return as possible on their investments. In 2015 IKEA had a turnover of 32.7 billion Euros and Ingvar Kamprad´s private means in November 2015 amounted to SEK 610 billion, making him the richest man in Sweden.

Extension of the human body, digitized social integration and cost-efficiency are key words in bringing humanity forward. Key words that has created imprint in the universe, created lots of jobs and formed huge companies with vast amounts of capital, both human and financial. Nevertheless, humanity has big problems. Different ways of thinking, the way of looking at money, at life and creation urge on huge international conflicts, threatening to destroy the entrepreneurial contribution.

Mankind has received dozens of innovative tools to take steps to get closer to each other and yet we seem to fail. The tools do not only create understanding and community but also misunderstandings, conflicts and separation. It seems that man’s limitation in itself puts a stop to utilizing the tools and resources that are and will be presented to us. With micro capitalisms entry into the societal scene, with philosopher Alexander Bard´s thoughts that more transactions will shatter into smaller payments and where every person will seek greater freedom in the digital world, we also need to get better at understanding ourselves. With greater self-awareness about our identity and ability, we will not only be able to free ourselves in a better way but also togetherate us better with others. When togetheration succeed, where every individual’s newfound knowledge of himself is merged with others and become something more than just the sum of all incoming resources, we begin to strive for something I

call Internygration. A condition in which not only the technology becomes an extension of man, but where it will become a part of us. A state where we are not only brought together, but where the sum of the group will be more than just the sum of persons in the group. A state in which man will not only be cost effective, but also more effective in both time and space…

Niklas Liiv, November the 5:th 2016