An important time

We live in an important time. Our ancestor, the ones that built and changed the world to a better place, thought the same thing. Anyone who wants to influence and see solutions to difficult situations always thinks that they live in an important time – the most important time! If we would consider that some other time than ours, the one we live in, the here and now, was more important, we would have less chance to influence, less opportunity to build the society that we all dream of being a part of. So it has always been, so it will always be. Therefore, with sadness and sorrow I witness the society around me. The political debate is no longer about finding solutions to difficult situations, but more about pointing at opponents’ failings and asserting their own excellence.

That is not an act of a great politician – That’s not an act of great people!

With the Statue of Liberty before my eyes, lit by the only light, shattered thoughts run thru my mind. In Jimmy Fallons talk show I saw Donald Trump’s hair getting ruffled. Trump, a man who built his political career by insulting his opponents. In Sweden, The Swedish prime minister says that he will hold his position whatever the outcome of the next election, defending his statement with his idea of democracy. As for myself I am forced to show my passport twice to pass the Swedish border, despite Swedish citizenship for 42 years, despite my efforts to try and make Sweden a better country. People talk about that others should be ashamed while they themselves are not willing to change and help to make the world a better place.

The world is drowning in selfishness and self-love. Internet and social media are filled with selfies and pictures of each person’s own life. As if they are the most important, as if focus is on them. Children and young people are growing up with erroneous self-images that make it difficult, if not almost impossible to unite them for future challenges. All this is hidden behind the expression: “if you do not love yourself you can’t love others”. The present´s distorted interpretation makes this a reprehensible thought, about to break the society.

It is egoism – egoism in every moment, in every quivering second, that destroys and breaks down. The egoism which like a raging cancer tumor consume our surroundings. But shallowness and emptiness have no longer a place in the work that lies before us.

The Statue of Liberty stands for freedom. The freedom that every person should have the opportunity to shape their own lives. She is paid by the people and people are the only ones able to achieve a future of freedom.

In Sweden people are alienated in so-called exclusion. A word which now rather builds the problem than addresses it. The grant which was once called the Swedish model is no longer applicable. It disappeared with the flow of people who fled their countries and immigrated to Sweden. It takes a harsher, more conducive, political system to build the society that we all want to be a part of. We need greater demands on the individual to be part of the group. The group will do everything possible.

This group, consisting of many young people, often excluded by the adult world, are the ones that are already building the future society. A society existing in digitized form and directly depending on joined forces. Internewgrated forces based on innovation and to togetherate. A sudden realization of this would turn the politicians from the match they believe unfolds before their eyes to the actual game, played on another scene, on a completely different arena.

With this insight in my thoughts the taxi boat turns towards land, towards a foreboding storm …

Niklas Liiv 18th of September 2016