Life is about one inch

In a fight, it is the one willing to die who wins the decisive inch. I wonder if that was what Steve Jobs felt in the duels with Bill Gates in the seventies? Their battles were about gaining mastery over the technology that later came to globally change the way people communicate. Steve was the innovator, the brilliant entrepreneur who was always one step ahead while Bill took advantage of existing technology and turned it into his own. Under two decades the latter made an enormous amount of money, while Steve Jobs for a long time lived a languishing existence, misunderstood by many.

But then something changed. Apple, which eventually became togetherated with every fiber of Steve Jobs ‘s body, allowing him to develop his ideas so that Apple even outpaced Coca- Cola and today it the world’s most valuable brand. When Steve Jobs passed away in cancer in 2011, he did so with the knowledge that he gained the decisive inch. His life’s work is a monument over the modern man, while his former combatant Bill Gates now devotes himself to charity, trying to repair the loss. Many believe that Mr. Gates engaged in charity because he suddenly realized he had too much money, but I rather think it ‘s because he knew he lost that crucial inch.

Steve Jobs has given man every chance to get closer to each other, to togetherate different cultures so that humanity will be able to take the next step in development, according to God’s plan. But when politicians despite good conditions fail with integration, dark powers grow stronger across Europe. These powers make Steve Jobs lifework meaningless because they believe that the answer to the failure of integration should be to go the other way – to exclude, isolate and segregate. Does anyone get this equation together? Not me anyway. I think the answer to the question is more about adding a new variable. A variable that stands for something new, in harmony with humanity striving towards a new tomorrow. A variable that is not about broken promises and political failures. A variable that is based on learning about each other and to use the technology that Mr. Jobs gave us, in what I call Internewgration.

The Sweden Democrats is a party that stands for the same basic values as other reactionary parties in Europe. On their agenda is that those who come to Sweden have to learn how to comply with the Swedish culture and the Swedish way of life. Does anyone know what this is, in a Sweden which today is regarded as the most Americanized country in the world? We are strongly influenced by the United States, a country that has been enriched by a variety of cultures and ways of thinking, and with Jobs technique, we have also taken us to gain impressions of Africa, Middle east Asia, South America and Australia. How Swedish is Swedish character anyway? No, we are already there, in real time, building new bridges towards freedom.
So now that the party leader Jimmy Åkesson is on leave to heal the wounds inflicted by his own equation not coming together and then also engaging in online casinos rather than charity, I have a message for him – I’m willing to take the debate Jimmy – in a time that is running out, I’m ready to win the crucial inch.

Niklas Liiv, November 19th