To turn page and the other cheek

789041-old-bookThere are different opinions about the origin of mankind. Religious or scientific core values shape our perceptions and convince us in our opinions. According to Wikipedia’s definition of homo sapiens development it is scientifically established that our species came from an ape-like creature,

This, and so many other so-called facts, shows that there seems to be a to strong beliefe in science’s ability. But after all, it is just studies of the laws of nature and formulates no hypotheses involving supernatural phenomena even though they too, contradictory enough according to, is found every day around us. Science also overestimates it´s own explanatory models, despite being repeatedly shown that these rests on a very shaky foundation. Who has not heard the expression that today’s truth is tomorrow’s lie? An insightful colleague argues that today there is a particle hysteria that prevents us from thinking clearly. Everything should fit into the finished structures and models that once they were designed hardly took account for all of life’s complexities.

Modern science (as i have been taught) was born in Europe in the 1500s and 1600s and has characterized the western way of relying on patterns and causation and thereby driven the substantial unsecularisation of European society, which in turn also largely influenced the US. With a surrounding world that finds its security in life in quite different values, this approach can be extremely difficult to understand. That Europe and the United States puts man in position to be so-called omniscient can be seen very provocatively in a Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist belief. Instead of letting us be triggered by how it can be that so-called ”terror attacks” always takes place on American or European soil maybe we should do as the Bible suggests: humble ourselves and with our own causality reflect on whether we should do something different to influence the situation for the better. Instead, we use the same methods as we simultaneously condemn, namely retaliation, a concept that brings us back to the Old Testaments solutions an eye for an eye and tooth for tooth. These methods are not advocated in the New Testament, where instead the word through Jesus is to turn the other cheek and to love your neighbor.

Islam, in its philosophical assumption that Allah (the Arabic word for God) is the all-knowing power that all human life is based on, is the faith that the Swedish party Sweden Democrats chose to focus on and try to fight. On their website, they throw accusations against a faith that millions of people have chosen to live by. In a society where you from an early age is marked to think and act in a certain way, this way always will be true for the individual – just as we ourselves live in the delusion that our way is the only right one. The fact is that there is no right or wrong, just interpretations of what we think is right. However, it is incorrect and downright dangerous to believe that our own way is superior and everyone else should adapt to it. Sweden Democrats even generalizes, claiming that individual cases of so-called ”honor crimes” can be linked to millions of people, who really want nothing more than to live their lives after the message of love that Islam basically stands for.

Sweden Democrats also uses incomplete facts to achieve the purpose to set themselves in a central position. A really excellent example of this is when the deputy party leader Mattias Karlsson in an interview with Mats Knutsson on the SVT forum claims that all other political options besides his own is bad for Sweden, By expressing himself in this way, he is looking to stir up parliamentary chaos so that SD will grow even stronger, which hardly has anything to do with the freedom of opinion or democracy they claim to want to achieve. Also repeatedly threatening to trap the budget is a worrying grip that shows how far SD is prepared to go in order to gain power over the situation. Power that threatens our democracy.

To disarm the Sweden Democrats’ political base, we have to, as I have mentioned earlier, reshape the concept of integration and give it a new meaning as we have to call Internewgration. A concept where we use basics as ”learning about each other”, ”respect” and the existing technology that earlier entrepreneurs has given us, Through the use of the new terminology, we move the focus from past polical failures and allows us to turn the page and the other cheek.


Niklas Liiv den 15th of November 2014