Zlatan and Milan – A good business in many ways

In resent years there has been written many columns about the lanky heel virtuoso from Rosengard, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I have persistent chosen to follow my policy that it is not my responibility as a writer to devote too much attention to the best Swedish footboll player of all times. To this commission there have been to many journalists, writers and columnists. Nevertheless the transformation that the Milano club AC Milan has gone through with the Scanians appearance in Gunnar Nordahls old dressing room got me to raise my eyebrows and as I have to acknowledge made me a little curious. This transformation Milan lately seems to value to 45 000 000 Euro. A lot of money it seems, but in comparison to what ”Rossoneri” has earned on the transfer from Barcelona in turnover from the micro- and macro environment, the amount of money for the transfer and the new value of Zlatan are small sums in the context.

When Zlatan and his agent Mino Raiola left the Catalonian club in 2010 they had efter a perfect tactical game succeeded to lower Zlatans marketing value with 50 million Euros, all to get more space in the personal contract. Despite several attempts Joseph Guardiola did not succeed to incorporate the Swedish attacker into the nowdays so called philosophical playing system, where everyone in a humble way subject oneself to the allocated role in the team and act in a certain way of the pitch. The Swede felt more and more rejected it the Catalonian state and experienced something that we closest can describe as the Marxist alienation. Despite that Zlatan of course is a genius attacker in many ways, Barca should have charted his personality in a better way. In retrospection we can note that he became a tray in the game of power that existed and exists between Milano´s large clubs Inter and Milan and also between Barcelona and Real Madrid. A game of power that he as we know  took advantage of when he returned to Milano and was excused from ”standing with worn out shoes”. A bad affair for the Catalonians, which with other perspectives than only the ones of players market values gets even worse.

So Zlatan returned to the city that he always has seen as his second home and to the club that before his entrance had led a fading existence as well in seria A as in the European consistency. AC Milan had compared to their opponents been led into the shadow but now, with the buy of on one of the best attackers in the world, they got hope to once more get a view of the light. The result of the spectacular transfer we know today. Ibra drew AC Milan out of the shadow and the club gave him the room and freedom he needs on the pitch as well as of the pitch. What he has meant simply financially for Milan we can only speculate in but if we take into account the aspects that the Catalonians dont want to think about in form of Public Relation, Goodwill, Medial Attraction, Tourism and Industry the amounts will be bigger than the 45 000 000 Euro and get more closely to astronomic proportion.

According to the latest rumours that flourishes, AC Milan´s president Silvio Berlusconi is interested to sign Pep Guardiola for the club, the man that was the main reason for Zlatans feelings of alienation. The Italian ex Prime Minister is still a clever strategist and know what creates debate, engagement and interest around his team. The probability that Milan would be ready to adventure the perfect togetheration that they have created with the Scanian attacker I estimate as very small. Ibra and Milan is the best of businesses and should continue in many years to come.

Niklas Liiv